WP Auto Commissions Review

What is WP Auto Commissions?

The main reason people start a website is to make money. Whether it is a wordpress based business site or a blog with lots of content posted daily.

Making money is the #1 reason people start websites – but they don’t end up making much.

Because they only focus on ONE or TWO methods to make money from their site.

That’s why we created WP AUTO COMMISSIONS.

With this wordpress plugin – anyone can add 17 different ways to make money from a wordpress site.

Not just basic Adsense income or Amazon ads or regular old banner ads. This plugin takes things to a whole new level giving you 17 different ways to MONETIZE your site on autopilot.

You’ll see the entire list of the 17 methods below. Having more methods to make money leads to actually making more money from blogs and websites – thats why you need to get this plugin.

WP Auto Commissions FEATURES…

  • 100% Automated Plugin, set it and forget it.
  • Monetize Your Site in 17 Different Ways.
  • Add Unlimited Banners in Posts & Categories
  • Create Your Own Adsense Style Text Ads
  • Add Adsense to show ads anywhere on your site.
  • Instantly monetize your site with Amazon Ads.
  • Recommend Ebay Products & Earn Commissions Automatically.
  • Show AliExpress Products Ads on Your Site in Posts & Categories.
  • Monetize Your Site with thousands of Walmart Products.
  • Show Ads from top Ecom sites like BestBuy & GearBest
  • Show Unlimited Clickbank Product Ads on Your Site.
  • Add Thousands of Envato products and affiliate links to your site.
  • Turn any text or phrase into an offer link using Inline Text Link Ads.
  • Add INFO LINKS style HTML adverts to any text on your site dynamically.
  • Create image ads with text to show all over your site in just a few clicks.
  • Add any number of floating call to actions with HTML/Buttons to your Posts
  • Add a Top “Hello Bar” style info bar promoting new offers and discounts.
  • Add a Simple Slider to show a SLIDE-IN advert with HTML/Graphics.
  • Show a Popup ad on your site, on entry or exit, completely up to you.

See The Product DEMO – Let Me Show You How Anyone Can Start Making More Money From Their Sites in just 60 SECONDS

Do you know how top bloggers, large websites and online businesses regularly earn six figures from their websites every year?

​It’s because they do not rely on a single source of income.

​They use 5 or even 10 ways to make money from their website.

​Here’s a list of some of the top earning bloggers that publish income reports on their website.

Bloggers and site owners make anywhere from $2000 to $100,000 PER MONTH from their sites using a variety of income sources.

​The FACT is – If you’re using just ONE or two ways to make money, you’re not going to make much…

​That’s why you need to take things to the next level & use MULTIPLE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY.

​What if I told you that you can now add not just 1 or 2 but…

Add 17 different ways to monetize your site

​YES – 17 DIFFERENT WAYS to Make money from the same site.

​All built into just ONE software that you can add to your site in just 60 seconds…

  • ​Without having to manually find products
  • Without having to manually create ads
  • Without having to manually insert shortcodes or links.
  • Without having to install 20 different plugins.

​Just ONE Plugin can do everything and add 17 SOURCES of Income to your site.

FINALLY – Your Site Can Be Ready in SECONDS to Start Earning More Commissions & More Money

  • Imagine not having to worry about how to make money from your site.
  • Imagine spending just MINUTES instead of HOURS adding new Ads & Products to monetize your site using affiliate offers.
  • Imagine being able to show the right Ads on the right posts & pages while fully controlling every aspect of it.
  • How nice would it be to make money from not just one or two but NINE different affiliate programs at the same time.
  • Imagine being able to create your own private ads system on your site using image ads, text ads and info links all over your site.
  • Imagine being able to use the power of Affiliate Marketing all to your advantage & getting ads and monetization setup in just 1-Click.
  • Imagine getting more sales and commissions every day from your site.
  • How awesome would it be to get bigger commissions checks in the mail each and every month without having to do any extra work.

WP Auto Commissions Prelaunch











  • 100% Newbie Friendly.
  • Getting Started as EASY as 1-2-3.
  • No more having to spend money on expensive designers, developers or writers.
  • No spending hours trying to setting up a site yourself – manually.
  • No more having sites that don’t make you a single dime.
  • No life-draining tech skills required in making this work for you.


  • Needs Internet Connection.

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